Strigine Group CFA® Program Prep Course

Strigine Group's Level I Review Program and Mock exam for the CFA® Program exam

Strigine Group has partnered with the University of Johannesburg, in an attempt to assist students throughout their studies. We became aware of the cost associated with professional qualifications and the impact that cost has on student accessibility. Exam access is already so expensive, why should a prep. course be too?

What makes this course cheaper?

Strigine Group is able to present the CFA Level I prep. course at a much lower price than other providers, due to the fact that we compile all our own study material and do not have to pay third party fees for content access. Not only do we offer the CFA Level I prep. course for a lower fee than other providers, we also offer special discounts for eligible candidates who meet our discount criteria. Click here to find out if you qualify for a further discount.

What does it mean to be CFA approved?

In order to be a CFA approved prep. provider our content was sent through to the CFA Institute, where it underwent analysis to ensure that it was on an appropriate level and at the appropriate standard. Lecturers for the course underwent the same analysis to ensure that they had the appropriate credentials necessary to present the course.

Who are the lecturers?

Lecturers for the course vary, depending on the topic being lectured. All lecturers have an affiliation with the content that they are presenting, whether it be relevant experience or the CFA charter, all lecturers are chosen based on their offering in the subject matter they present.

What does the course fee cover?

The course fee covers attendance to the lecture sessions, as well as a supplemental book. The supplemental book contains all practice questions covered in the contact sessions, as well as some additional practice questions and answers; the book additionally contains a short summary on each topic area.

Is other third-party content available through Strigine Group?

Additional third-party content is available upon request. You can purchase this content through Strigine Group. Click here for a full list of the additional third-party content packages we offer.

Should you have any further questions, please email and we will be happy to assist you.